Let’s throw a party! From birthdays to graduations, baby showers to retirements, we host parties for those who want to take their event to the next level. We’ll provide the space, the tables, and the food — you bring the guests and the fun.

Amour Banquet Hall features a stage space for either a DJ or live music performance, as well as a dance floor, should you so choose. No matter what you want the final layout to look like, we work closely with you to determine the correct table placement and organize each fixture the way you would like. No matter what your vision may be, we do all we can to bring it to life.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your expectations and your budget. We offer a variety of services and setups to meet each client’s needs while adhering to their timeline. Set a date and we’ll get to work. Located on the ground floor of the historic Knickerbocker building, we are a premier entertainment location for Hollywood residents. Call us now to get started and see how we can turn your occasion into a memory your guests will cherish for years to come.